Sunday 18 February 2018

Belinda's Entrapment

Hi Readers and listeners

My latest narrated novelette is published and waiting for you. Written by the young and talented Abigail Andrews and gave me great pleasure in narrating. 

This first novelette by new 24 year old Abigail Andrews is fast moving and highly erotic. Belinda, 18 year old is out with her Dad having family time. She is roller skating and knocks into an older guy who drops the bag he is carrying. It is a valuable Chinese and is smashed on the walkway. Unable to pay, Belinda's Dad offers her to the Guy and his wife for time alone. Belinda hates this idea but has to go along with it. This turns into a wild adventure for her. Read or listen to Belinda's Entrapment and you will be running back for more.

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Jim Masters

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