Monday 31 December 2018

Carrie and the Stranger

Hi My lovely Readers

I do hope you had an happy Christmas and that everything that you wish for youself happens in 2019. This year has spun around so fast. Looking back we had such an amazing Summer. Well probably late Spring and early Summer so it is already forgotten by many. I'm hoping that it is repeated next year. And here Autumn and Winter has proved mainly mild. OK! We've had some storms and heavy rain but these have been spikes. 
I haven't been standing around doing nothing. I've been writing and have the second series of Carrie's Diary planned and partly written. Carrie and the Stranger is the first in this series and it's available at Kindle, Amazon and shortly Audible, narrated by Harriet Seed, whom many of you have been complimentary. In addition it is available for downloading here (just click) as a new outlet on Jim Master's new Sales Page.
I told you that I'm planning for next year and have one or two ideas for my regular readers. I'm looking to write some special stories for my regulars that will be free. But you need to sign up. If you scroll down on the right side of this page you'll see short form. Just add your e-mail address and I'll keep in touch. I won't be bombarding you,so don't worry. And if you change your mind you can unsubscribe at any time.
Now some books are only available through Kindle, Amazon and Audible. Click below for details of these. Carrie's Erotic Diary Volume One is flying off the shelves as an audio book. It is over 3 hours for you to listen to in 5 short erotic stories. Each story is complete in itself but they follow on as a diary.

I have just completed narrating DIRTY TALK, THE PSYCHOLOGY and PHYSIOLOGY OF DIRTY TALK and feel this is a good book for anyone wanting to improve their bed-talk. 
The Author, Gary Allman has researched through many friends and acquaintances how guys feel they should talk to women and he has been surprised at how badly most of them are. He also picked up some real gems from women he talked to - the good and bad experiences they had and most importantly how they wanted guys to talk to them to make them feel hot.
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Here is an except from the book. This is the Introduction in fact. So read on. . . 
Gary writes . . .

What’s a four-letter word for sex?
Not that one. Try again.
If you said “talk”, you win! Talk is a four-letter word for sex, and it's one that's often either ignored or neglected in our hot pursuit of the punchline. So, that’s what this book is about. It’s an exploration of the role what we say plays in in the panorama of human sexuality.
Innuendo is a subtle linguistic art that has a lot to do with the way people interact with each other, sexually. It’s often used when we flirt, but when we’re embroiled in a relationship, do we stop flirting?
I hope not! Flirting is one of the most wonderful steps in the dance of love and if we’re not doing it with our significant others, it’s time to rediscover how much more playful and rewarding our sex lives can be when we flirt. And that’s why we’re here. We’re here to put aside our awkwardness about (or even distaste for) dirty talk and embrace our inner flirts. We’re going to the naughty side and letting our inner raunch out to play.
Whether our words are spoken in person, over the telephone, by email, text, or instant message, words can be very sexy. But some of us need a little help learning how to put together the right words to achieve the effect we’re looking for.
Dirty talk is much than full frontal come-ons and the use of words we wouldn’t say in front of our moms. Dirty talk is suggestive, subtle and playful. It invites. It does not reach out and grab a body part in a flurry of expletives.
We’re going to look at how to weave a web of enticing, whimsical fun with our words. We’ll learn about the psychological aspects of successfully deploying our inner sex imp and how to bury, once and for all, that creepy little gnome that sometimes appears instead. We’re going to take a walk on the wild side of our linguistic lives and learn how and when dirty talk can be our best friend.

Let’s talk dirty!
This is the book you must have. Now I narrated it and so I'm suggesting you get the audiobook version and then you can listen when and where you want, on the way to work, when you are relaxing, in bed or wherever you want.
It is highly recommended and guaranteed to make your love life better.
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Monday 19 November 2018

Hi My Lovely Readers

Another day. Another dollar. Another story. Here is one of Jim Master's five new erotic stories evoking taboo thoughts and deeds.
Taboo: Kay is Satisfied
Another JIm Masters short erotic story just for you.

  I guess I was lucky. I’m a writer, not very successful. But my luck came from the Lotto win of nearly three quarters of a million. I’m in my late forties and on my own. I was planning on making a home in Spain but keeping a small property here too, as a fallback. I hadn’t told anyone about my win and I hadn’t gone wild. I’d bought a cheap small car and a bigger investment. Just over ten thousand on a second-hand cabin cruiser.

It was nearing time to go to Spain on an exploration trip when I hoped to find a property. Nothing expensive. I needed a marina for my boat, a place that was lively but not a drunken wild destination. I would write there and maybe would strike lucky with that. I wanted a place overlooking the beach and sea, and within walking distance of shops and cafes.

But that was the future. Right now I was down on the coast back home where I had a mooring in a marina. I was here a lot

I was getting to know the local shops and café’s now after a few weeks. I’d started taking my dirty washing home when I went but was soon using the local laundry wash, I’d found a couple of really friendly cafés, and the local boat yard had become a wealth of information and store for supplies and equipment.

The Laundry Service was a self-service place, a row of washing machines opposite several commercial driers. It was simple. I wasn’t rushed for time so I would sit and wait. Gave me time to think about my day and what I would be doing. Kay ran it with her daughter. They would take dirty washing, put it through the process and even iron for a modest amount. Some days they were really busy and others sat and chatted. Usually there was just one of them there except on Mondays and Fridays which seemed the busiest

It was a Wednesday and Kay came and sat with me. She was slim, but not skinny, she must have been at least thirty eight as Penny, her daughter, was just turned nineteen. But she looked about 28 years old. Kay was blonde, probably out of a bottle, her hair cut short and in a bob. She was average height, certainly shorter than me. She was always cheerful and smiling. I’d noticed she always wore bright red lipstick and had matching nails. She often wore red heels too. Maybe that should have sent signals to my brain. She usually wore figure hugging trousers and a blouse; often open one button too much for modesty, showing her breasts which looked firm and round. Now read on . . .  

I know you are goimng to love this story. Why not make as comment at the bottom of this page, always appreciated. 

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Thank you so much for reading my blog. You are so appreciated. Please watch out for details of more books written by myself and my friend JIm Masters.

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Sunday 5 August 2018

New Erotic Collection Carrie's Diary Volume One

Hi My lovely Readers and Listeners

New my first collection is ready for you now. The first volume of Carrie's Diary. On Audible audio books over 3 hours of listening, 105 packed pages on Kindle.  This covers February and March and is made up of 5 separate sexy adventures.This is Carrie's own story and read by the wonderful Harriet Seed who brings Carrie alive. Her voice conveys how she feels and what is happening, each raunchy adventure.

Carrie's Diary Vol. One covers her encounter working at a national exhibition with the Sales Director

who finds himself captivated by her. It continues with a flash-back to when she was 18 years and introduced to her lust for life and sex in all varieties. 

Carrie goes on to tell us about her first lesbian coupling, unexpectedly with her very good friend. Next Carrie is given a huge cash gift to entertain 4 uninhibited young bankers who want to let off steam in a private room in a top London hotel. Finally one of these bankers invites Carrie to a private members sex club which she hugely enjoys.

Here the opening words of the first encounter:

Dear Diary

About Me

   I’m starting fresh today. I’m going to write about my experiences and emotions. Maybe one day someone will make this into a book. So let’s start by telling you about myself.

   My name is Carrie and I love sex. Everything about it. I love guys who are older cause they are better at fucking. I love the chase. Finding a guy, single, married, mainly older and talking him into have a good time with me, naked and intimate.

  I’m now 24 but I’ve been like this since my 18th birthday when I was seduced by Richard who was much older and loved younger women. Well women who are between 18 and 22, any size, any shape and anywhere – so he said. We had a wild 3 days together. I learned more than any 18 year old should know about the art of sex and how to please a man.  That is another story and one you need to watch out for. It’s been my secret now for the last 6 years and maybe time to tell you about it.

   But back to now and me. I’m Carrie White, blonde, petit and attractive. Or at least that is what they tell me, family, friends and lovers. I enjoy dancing, shows and eating. I’m a pizza queen, but I go for food from around the world. I left school and went to college for a year to study Hair and Make
-up but I didn’t learn anything new so I left.

   I took a job promoting and merchandising. That meant standing in a Departmental Store or supermarket giving away samples or doing a make-up make-over. It was OK and I was doing what I liked, meeting new people and having fun. Wasn’t really like work.

   Then the agency said they were looking for photographic models to present products for magazines. I had some work over a few months and made some money but it was slow. I knew I wouldn’t make it big overnight so I kept up the promo work too. Then Richard came along and that’s when my life changed. He persuaded me to do nude modelling and that
lead to me losing my virginity. You’ll need to read about it in Richard Found and Trained Me

   Up until then I’d had a few boy-friends but nothing too serious. Most I went out with just a few times and got bored. They all talked about football and all tried to get me into bed. Quite honestly it pissed me off. In the car, at my home or theirs, even at a movie they all tried to get their hands inside my bra, up my skirt or down my jeans. And some wouldn’t take “No” without a slap. I was really fed-up. I had this schoolgirl idea of being a virgin bride when the right guy came along. Foolish thought now, powerful motivation at the time. So rather than be in a difficult position again I started just going out with the crowd.

Thursday 17th February

   So here I am on an exhibition stand for a major kitchen manufacturer – top end of course – dressed in red. Red blouse, buttons opened as far as I can get away with, red lacy platform bra showing my boys, a red mini shirt and red heels, high, high enough to accentuate my legs but also make them ache. I need to sit down. Who designed this? Must have been a man. I’m handing out brochures and trying to get people on to the stand where the sales crew will talk to them and try to sell. The sales guys all have a red shirt and tie matching my outfit, company colour.  They are all on commission; I’m on a flat day rate. Ok. It’s not peanuts but I could beat any of these guys on sales. Maybe I should try that in future. I’m sure my agency will be able to find some work for me. I’m staying in a hotel with the sales guys. I wonder who will be the first to try it on! Tough luck guys, you are all too young and in-your-face. After Richard I like older guys and I like a challenge.

Buy the book, KIndle or audio-book and have some good nights in. Low lights, scented candles, on your own or with a loved one for extra fun. 

Carries Diary Volume Two will be available in the Spring.

Thanks for reading my blog. Good reading and listening. The links are further down the page

Jim Masters

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Saturday 4 August 2018

Hello Readers and Listeners, my Lovelies

Good News. Hannah Blackbird's short story Blown Out: The Dangers of Forbidden Attraction is waiting for you to read right now. You will love this story with the usual Blackbird excitement.

This contains material of explicit sexual nature. Bored and beautiful, Violet falls hard for Zed, a talented, drop-dead gorgeous photographer. But she's a princess and her father would never approve. Can the young lovers keep their passionate affair hidden or is the forbidden fairytale romance bound to come crashing down? Follow their sexually and emotionally charged journey in Blown Out.

The book starts thus:

   It was dark by the time Violet made it to the car. Just another Friday evening. She’d already said goodnight to her father. He hadn’t seemed to suspect a thing. Didn’t he see it? Didn’t he hear the mad, racing beat of her heart? It felt like a newly caged bird, trying to burst its way out of her chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. Did he know? It felt as though the world revolved around her deceit. just another Friday evening.
   “What is it tonight?” he’d asked. He always asked but of course, she read too far into it and felt like he already suspected something.

   “Just the orchestra,” Her voice sounded strange and she tried to set it right. “They’re doing Mozart and then Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. I love that piece.” She’d looked up the program online, of course, feeling like a criminal the whole time. “It might go on until late,” she added.

   “I don’t know how you can stand it,” he’d yawned as she walked with a forced casualness from the room. Her shoes clicked along the hard floors, the sound interspersed by the occasional heavy rug. Ralph was at the door. They didn’t speak until after he’d closed the car door behind her and was in the driver’s seat.

   Then he sighed.

   “It’d be pointless to tell you how crazy this is, wouldn’t it?” he said. He was watching her in the rear-view mirror. Violet couldn’t meet his eyes.

   “I’m not asking you to do anything,” she said. “I just know
you’re too smart to get around. And I’d rather have you know
about it than chase me.”

   “I don’t really know if I should take that as a compliment,” Ralph mused. He tapped out a beat on the steering wheel and went into his pocket for chewing gum, his eyes still focused on her. “Vi, I can’t afford to lose this job.”

   “I know.” She met his gaze then. “I know. And I wouldn’t let that happen. Just do this one thing. Please?”

   He didn’t say anything.

   “How’s Roma, anyway?” Violet surprised herself by remembering his girlfriend’s name. “Weren’t you going to propose?”

   Ralph blew out a sigh.

   “I plan to. Just – finding a moment.”

  “Must be nice,” Vi said. “Not needing permission to be in love.”

   Ralph snorted. “Must be nice living a life of obscene luxury.”

   “Prison is prison,” Violet said. “Doesn’t matter if it looks nice on the outside.”

   Ralph groaned.

   “Fine! Enough with the theatrics! See this, kid. I won’t stop you but you get caught, it’s all you, okay?” He twisted in his
seat to look at her, his blue eyes shaded with concern. “Vi, I
don’t want to see you hurt. Bottom line. You understand?
You’re playing with fire. You do know that, right?”

   She knew it. But fire was pretty to look at and it warmed her in the most addictive way. She hadn’t felt this way since – no. She frowned and tried to expel the thought. Don’t go there.

   “Vi!” Ralph was still looking at her. “I’m talking third-degree burns if you get caught. Is he really worth it?”

   She bit her lip and looked down at her hands. They shook a little and she sat on them.

   “Yes. I’m sorry but yes,” She looked up as Zed approached the car. “He’s – everything.”

You will love this book as much as I do. Click below for more information. 

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Love and kisses

Abbie xxx

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Sunday 15 July 2018

Introducing Hannah Blackbird young erotic author

Hi Lovely Readers

It's been a long time. Sorry. I've been away relaxing and soaking up the sun but I'm here now and I've got a collection of the first 5 Carrie White stories coming soon. So if you missed them individually watch out for Carrie's Diaries Volume One.

I've recently met Hannah Blackbird and she has written some really raunchy stories which are now available on Amazon, Audible and Kindle. She is only 23 years only but when you read her stories you'll know that she must have had some exciting experiences herself. There are five individual stories, all complete in their own right: each with a great storyline and packed with interesting descriptions.

Look her up on Amazon  click here 

LOST ANGELS is a favourite of mine. it begins . . . Some memories don’t stick. They’re not important or consequential enough to make a lasting impression. But I remember Aiden. Everything about Aiden. For the first time in my life, in my messed-up shunted around excuse of a life, I felt as though I’d found someone who came from the same place.
We were young. Young and angry and selfish and dangerous. I think we felt as though the world owed us something. It was easy to make that assumption, especially when we were wandering around Los Angeles, wide-eyed and hungry.
We were always hungry back then. I’m not sure what for. Success. Excitement, maybe. We’d slope down the streets of Bel Air, Brentwood and Beverly Hills, shirts and hair damp with sweat as we looked at everything we didn’t have.
There’s no harm in looking. We saw the wealth, the homes, the cars; everything jutting out, offensively on display like a porn-star with over-enhanced tits. There was something both sickening and extraordinary about it.
Summer had set in. The rich families had gone on vacation. The houses lay empty. Big, gated residences with pretty gardens. Palm trees. Balconies and pools. We’d see the maids go in, the pool cleaners, and once a week, the gardeners. They worked in a perfect routine.
We timed it. Picked the easiest house. Waited until the maid left. Ran around the back, pushed through the tall hedge and cut a hole in the wire fence. It tore a scratch in my leg, made the blood trickle down to my ankle.  And breaks into a wonderful story with sexy erotic descriptions that you'll love.

I'll be posting weekly again now. So watch out for my blog.

Love and kisses to you all

Abbie  xxxx

Tuesday 12 June 2018

Carrie at the Club Eros

Hi My Lovelies

New Story for you Carrie at Club Eros

This is highly descriptive adult content. Stay away if you are under 18 or will be offended by this material. Carrie keeps a diary, a very personal diary. A diary of her erotic experiences. She said that one day she would make her diary into a book but it's so hot that it might self-ignite! 
This is the latest entries . . . Then he came to the point. “Look Carrie. I really enjoyed last week. You were just perfect. I belong to a Club
that you might be interested in joining. Or at least come along as my guest. The other guys don’t know about this and that’s the way I like it. We all have secrets” “I don’t know” I replied “Tell me some more. Why would I be interested? And why do you want to take me? You must know dozens of girls who’d enjoy a night out with you.” “Well!” Tim started and hesitated. “It’s an upmarket erotic club. You know. Sex with other couples who like something a bit more scintillating. I’d like to take you as my partner. I’ve taken other girls but they’ve been hopeless. Either not able to talk to other people or perhaps too embarrassed. I like you. You are polite and you talked to us at dinner. Remember? You were just nice. And you are really sexy. Actually I really like you.” I looked at him. I liked the idea but did he think I was on the game! Did he think I just had sex for money. Sometimes I did but it had to be my choice, at the right price. You should read the rest for a hot and steamy mind experience.

The Club is for swingers on the night Carrie visits and it turns out to be a swinging night.
 Once initiated all members of Club Eros have this tattoo. Watch those bikini clad girls on the beach for this. Are they members?

Click here to read it on Amazon

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You are going to love it. The sequel about Carrie's initiation follows soon. Watch out for it.

Thank you for reading my post my Lovelies

love and many kisses


Sunday 27 May 2018

Hello My Lovely Readers and Listeners

New book now available on Audible to listen. Or you can read on Kindle. The paperback is available too. take your choice. It's Carrie & Gwen's Threesome FFM. I hope you'll love it. I've had some great feedback already.

Gwen and I were on a three day tan top up break in the sun. We met at the café and Frank was the perfect gentleman: attentive, filling our glasses but not forcing wine on us, telling us about the town, what to do and where to go. We told him we were just chilling out for a couple of days, catching up on our tans and spending time together. I guess we should have known what to expect when Frank placed his hand on our knees under the table. He was a dirty old man and wanted to fuck someone young. It was obvious by the way he kept looking
at our breasts: my summery dress was low cut and I had a quarter cut bra so there was plenty to see, the same with Gwen, she wore a wrap-around that was pretty open at the top. She was bra-less and you could see the outline of her breasts through the flimsy material. Franks stroked my leg and his fingers walked up my thigh. I knew he was doing the same to Gwen. She was looking at me and raising her eye-brows slightly. I nodded back. I could see his arms moving as I glanced down which confirmed what I already knew. He stopped and squeezed the top of my leg. I wondered if he would go further. I wouldn’t mind. Up close he had an aura about him of authority, in a quiet way. I liked that. Now read on with this steamy hot erotic story.

Harriet Seed narrates this story and her voice is perfect. When she speaks and I close my eyes I can see Carrie in my mind. Listen and tell me what you think.

Today has been glorious and I've been sitting out in my garden (well patio really) full of green plants, some beginning to flower. I've had my orange bikini on and I'm trying to avoid those white lines so my bra is off and I have pushed the bottoms down as far as I can. Luckily I'm not overlooked, its very discrete. 

So take a look at the book and enjoy it alone or with your sexy partner.

Click her for Kindle and book

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Love you all

Abbie  kisses galore. 

Tuesday 15 May 2018

Interviewed by Jim Masters

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

I was very fortunate to be interviewed by Jim Masters recently. As a new author it is really pleasing to be able to talk about your books. 

I've now written some 8 books, most being about Carrie White, a young woman of 24 years who leads an interesting life full of sexual adventures. I feel that my personal experiences give the stories the reality that you, my readers, both deserve and want. Carrie has now just 

been to Club Eros, a sex club in London run by Bernie. She meets several couples there with her partner for the evening, Tim. Tim has been a member for a few years, but being single, needs a partner to take on Couples Only evening.

This is a totally new experience for Carrie but one she enjoys. In the next story she is given the chance to become a full member. The initiation ceremony is one that all full member go through. Will Carrie enjoy this or not? Watch out for Carrie's Initiation coming soon. I've also talked about this to Jim Masters and he is already working on a stand-alone story about the Club from a different point of view. He is writing Club Eros. I know this will be hot and I hope you'll watch out for it.  I've know Jim for some time now and he encouraged me to start writing. I really appreciate everything he has done for me. 

Carrie will have to be tattooed with the Club Eros sign. A discrete sign that helps members recognise one another. Have you ever noticed this on someone you know?  Are they holding a secret from you? Would you ask them about it? Maybe see if you can join this elite club? 

I've got more writing to do so must fly. The sun has been shining all day, blue skies. I've been having some tan top up myself so now back to the keyboard.

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Have a wonderful life my lovely friends

love and kisses

Abbie   xxxxx

Monday 14 May 2018

Carrie's Lesbian Encounter

HI My lovely Readers

Here is a new book ready and waiting for you to read or listen to. Carrie's Lesbian Encounter is already falling of the book case as sales increase. This is Number 3 in the Erotic Diary of a Young Woman. Three more short books are either ready to buy or will be published within days. I hope you enjoy, I've had some good feedback from fans.


Wednesday 2nd March

   The loud knock on the door was louder than I expected but I knew who it was.

  I ran over, opened up and Gwen entered, throwing herself at me and bursting into tears. She’d phoned to say that Anthony had broken up with her and she was devastated. They had been together for a few months now and he had just broken the news and walked out on her, an hour ago. And she’d rushed over for some sympathy.

   It was five years since we’d shared an apartment together with two other girls. We’d been young then, me just eighteen, Gwen a year older. We’d had some great times together and she had introduced me to the world of sexy cam-sites where I’d started working ad hoc to make some extra cash, a lot as it so happens.

   Gwen was really attractive and very good natured but I’d thought her so shy and with no sexual experience until I walked into her room one day and caught her almost naked and putting on a sexy show online for guys who sent tokens as tips that she could cash in for money. She was chatting away to them and looked like she was really enjoying herself.

   Gwen was from Wales, some small village, so we had stuff in common. We worked together, went shopping together and went out clubbing together. Club drinks were so expensive, we drank in the apartment before going out then filled  small water bottles with vodka and put them in our bags. We never got caught and guys bought for us drinks too. But we always left together and never gave guys anything, no mobile, no address, no touching, no kissing. They didn’t object or perhaps were waiting until the end. But of course we jumped in a cab and away. Our flat was in Bayswater, well more Lancaster Gate really. Huge terraced house tenanted on each floor. We had a kitchen cum diner with a large kitchen table, chairs and a large TV on the wall. There were 4 bedrooms; well I guess it was two rooms that had been divided with a false wall. Each bedroom was big enough. When it was a house the rooms must have been enormous. There was a bathroom with two shower cubicles so the landlord planned it well. I really enjoyed the flat sharing life. The girls were all great.

  I’d been living with the girls for a year working hard and trying to save for my own place. I was doing OK. Different jobs going and all bringing in money, enough for me to put quite a bit aside each month and I expected to be able to buy my own place in a couple of years. I knew I needed a lot to buy in London. Then a miracle happened. My grandfather had left me some money. The letter came from a solicitor and I travelled to Cornwall to a meeting he had called. I stayed with my Gran, having lived there for several years when I was growing up. It was my home. In fact when Gramps became seriously ill, I had gone home for two weeks just to be with them, and look after Gran, who was quite capable but emotionally drained. .And then, quite quickly he passed away. My parents flew home for the funeral. It was a large funeral with so many local folk attending.

   We set off for the meeting. Gran sitting upright in the car not talking. We were ushered in and sat waiting, just Gran and me. As I looked over at her I realized Gran had recovered well in the 4 months since he had died or was being very stoic. I knew she had many friends in the village and would be getting a ton of support.

   I wasn’t expecting much. They lived in a small village in Cornwall and I didn’t even know what my grand-dad had done for a job. He was always working in his home office and I’d never really been interested. We had a good life and he was always around for meals, pottering around in his lovely garden at weekends, having a barbeque, inviting local friends over. The usual stuff.

   So I was astounded when the solicitor told me I had inherited £197,000. I couldn’t believe it at first, and it didn’t sink in.

   Now the story gets hot and steamy as Gwen falls into bed with me. If you love reading about intimate experiences then this is for you.

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Watch out for more my lovelies

Love and kisses


Friday 27 April 2018

Hello Listeners and Readers

A new book from Abigail Andrews is launched. I'm told its a scorcher. That's what she hope she would hear. Here is the opening lines:


Wednesday 9thMarch
   The advert stood out like a streaker on Lord’s Cricket ground on a swelteringly hot summer day and a match day with packed terraces. “Are you ready to serve and be served as a gourmet feast for 3 insatiable gentlemen . . .?”
    That had me going. There was a mobile number. I rang it. A well-spoken energetic man’s voice answered. “Hello! John White. Can I help you?”
    “Er. Yes. I’m phoning about the advert.”
    “Are you free-minded young and attractive? We are looking for a young woman with serve dinner tomorrow night and entertain us.”
    “Yes! I’m 24 years old. I’m told I’m attractive and I’m up for some fun. Can you tell me more?”
    “Yes, of course. Can you send me a photo now please; just a selfie and I will call you back.”
    “I’ve just got up. I’m not really ready to take a photo.”
    “That’s fine. Don’t worry. Just send one anyway.” And he hung up. I found one I’d taken last week at an exhibition I was working where I seduced the Sales Director, John. And what a wonderful three days that had been. (See Carrie’s Exhibition Stand)
    The photo was me on the exhibition stand wearing the corporate outfit and looking pretty good, Immaculate make-up and hair high. The hair made me look like an efficient secretary, well an attractive office secretary.
     The mobile burst into life and I clicked to accept. “Hi. Thanks for the photo” the voice said “Very nice. Now there are four
 of us, all in our forties and pretty fit. We all have jobs in the city. We want a good looking girl to come and serve us dinner and then have some fun with us.”
    “Sexual?” I interrupted
    “Is that a problem? There’s £1500 for you and you’ll be home and tucked up in bed by midnight probably.”
    I tried to sound calm, £1500. Wow that was really going to help towards my apartment purchase. “Yes. I might be up for that. Nothing rough though. OK?”
    “Of course not. Now I will text the address and time etc. It’ll be around 7.30 we start but you can get in from 5 o’clock. In fact I’d like you to be there to greet us when we arrive at 7. It’s a hotel and the meal is delivered room service, so all you do is serve us.”
    “Ok. What is your name? How do I know you will pay me?”
    “Clipped, curt reply “I’m John, I said that when you first called. You will be paid; there is no doubt about that. £1500 in crisp £20 notes. Is that OK with you? Oh what size are you? There will be a uniform there ready for you” I told him I was a UK size 12 (I’ve got a good figure with good sized boobs, not a skinny flat chested model) and he hung up.

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