Sunday 16 July 2017

China Doll for A Day.

Hi and Welcome

China Doll for a Day is the latest story from Vic Vitale to excite and arouse you. And as an audio book you can listen in privacy without anyone knowing - shhh! Our secret. So you don't even have to carry a book, or turn the light on.

Vic, an older guy gets into all sorts of adventures when he is just out and about having a life. Each story is complete in itself but is frequently the opening story of a two-parter. This is no exception. 

It's the story of Vic and his . . . but lets hear from Vic himself    "On the day my wife’s brother arrived for a one week visit with my wife and me, we were both shocked to see he wasn’t alone. Not only was Tommy accompanied by a very attractive younger woman, the Asian 

The lady joining my brother-in-law on vacation was once married to Tommy’s best friend, Bob. 
That night, all I could think about was the hot looking Chinese babe and her sexy teasing smile. It may have been Tommy who was fucking the hot Asian, but it wasn’t my brother-in-law I was seeing in my mind. It was me, and fucking the tasty Jessica had quickly became a top priority for me." 

China Doll for a Day will have you plunged into some exciting action without much delay. I'm sure if you like real life erotic stories you'll love this. It's short enough to listen to in bed before sleep, over a long lingering coffee, sitting in the car (if that's your thing), or even pushing that trolley around the supermarket (although you might get wet and flustered). 

So order now, upload onto your mobile or MP3 player, plug in your earphones and click to play for some fun - guaranteed. 

So click her to go to China Doll for a Day and order right now. You can listen to a sample if you go there and click under the photo. I know you will enjoy. Please leave a review on Amazon. Others will decide to purchase when they read your comments. 

Thanks for reading this. Look forward to your company again soon. Have a great life till then.

Jim Masters

PS. Just heard that part two has just been released. Watch out for the post about it.