Thursday 15 February 2018

Hit and Run No Escape

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! The stories I started writing in December are beginning to seep through onto Amazon, Audiobooks and Kindle. It is so rewarding to see sales in the first few days of publication.

I have some promotions coming up and something new. I will be offering a signed copy of a book every month in a simple competition. I will sign your copy and send it to you by post. So watch out.

Now for my new book Hit and Run  No Escape which I both wrote and narrated. I hope you like my narration as much as I enjoy reading. When it's my own book I feel see the characters and speak from their hearts and minds. 

Here are the opening words to get you thinking. Enjoy:
Jack felt the crunch as if it was him . . . but it wasn’t. He ran across the road to see what had happened as a white van speed off, a white van with one red rear door , like it was a replacement, but he didn’t get the number,  it had gone too fast. He saw a girl laying there, her body in a distressed position, legs askew, blood trickling down her face. She looked in a bad way.
   Jack fumbled in his pocket and found his mobile. Dialling 999 he looked around for help. But there was none, and the driver and his van had disappeared. It was 9 at night and heavy rain splashed into the gutter. Jack was on his way home after a busy day and could do without this.
   “Ambulance please” he spoke abruptly into the phone. “A girl, run over, looks bad, bleeding heavily. Just in Stephenson Lane. You can’t miss us. Please hurry she looks in a bad way.”
   “Yes. She is breathing and I’m trying to stop the bleeding but I don’t really know what to do. It’s pouring with rain and I’ve got nothing to cover her with except for my jacket and that’s not protecting her.” His words trailed off. The operator spoke to him an, assured him. Gave some simple instructions and words of encouragement.

   Jack kept talking to the girl but she was unconscious and he knew this could mean big problems. Then he heard the welcoming sound.

I live in the UK and so all the places, expressions and descriptions are in English and the audiobook is read with my British accent. So for some of you this might be a different experience. 

Meanwhile, any comments you might care to make are most gratefully received, together with any ideas and plots for future stories. Should I choose your idea and I convert it into one of my short stories, then I will dedicate the book to you. Remember my stories usually run for around 30 minutes so keep it simple.

Good listening and reading

Jim Masters

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