Saturday 30 December 2017

Darkroom. Dark erotic novel

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Another great audiobook for your enjoyment.

Hot off production the dark erotic psychological story DARKROOM. This was a dream to narrate.  An absolutely must for listening to in the dark when you are alone. Be frightened silly. Just let your imagination run wild. And at nearly 9 hours long this is great fear value.It is the written by International bestselling author Poppet

International bestselling author, Poppet writes romantic horror, romantic comedy, non-fiction, paranormal romance, and is currently published with Wild Wolf Publishing, Tirgearr Publishing, and Eibonvale Press.

Poppet was first published in Mobius Poetry Magazine, and then spent years writing natural health articles for The SA Journal of Natural Medicine and Renaissance Magazine, before turning her attention to writing fiction, seeing her reach the number 1 spot on Authonomy - run by Harper Collins. Interviewed by journalist David Kentner, Poppet gained exposure across North America with the release of her debut novel Darkroom. Previously published by Night Publishing, Endaxi Press, and Thorstruck Press, Poppet now has more than 50 titles to her credit.

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I could write a huge chunk about this book but let some readers tell you in their own words. Here are some reviews 

BySamanthaon April 11, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
The writing in Darkroom felt almost poetic to me right from the beginning and the first few chapters left me feeling very heady. I very much enjoy books that are able to get into my head in such ways, so I was eager to continue reading. Through Poppet's words and descriptions, I felt as if I sat in the darkness alongside Shauna. I was completely pulled under by this story. There was a mysterious air surrounding Vengeance and it gave me feelings of fear and apprehension as the story progressed.
The shifts between characters messed with my head a bit, and I was constantly wondering if Vengeance and Victor are one in the same. The words were constantly making me unsure. At the end of Chapter 20, it became obvious that there were bigger things happening behind the scenes and the watcher was actually being watched. I didn't know what to trust in this book and felt as if I were always looking over my shoulder.
It was incredible how Victor was able to manipulate her any which way he chose. As Shauna talked to Victor while struggling to piece together information, I was so afraid for her.
Chapter 35 had my head spinning with all the possibilities as some interesting information came to light. Shauna's thoughts and emotions were often all over the place. At times she would have a fleeting glimpse of a thought that Victor was not all that he appeared, but then it would be gone just as quickly as it came. Her mental state throughout made me feel off-kilter as well. I loved how Poppet had created a story that had my mind all twisted up over and over again. The ending was crazy enough, but the chapter with the alternate ending really had me freaking out. I need more and I need it now.

Here is a sample from the beginning of DARKROOM

5.0 out of 5 stars5, well I've been wanting a dark read, stars
ByKindle Loveon March 20, 2015
Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
and holy hell did this deliver. This is no light read, my friends. Victor/Vengeance has set out to convert Shauna from the dirty whore he perceived her to be into his perfect dirty angel. There's torture, both psychological and physical, sexual abuse, and LOTS of manipulation.
Again, this is no light read.
I have to give kudos to the author for the amount of research that must've gone into this book. Scripture is quoted often and "God's word" played a heavy role throughout. I was often surprised at Poppet's ability to find an appropriate verse to quote, especially during the more intense scenes, but she did and it made it all the more powerful.
There were times I was a little confused as to who was speaking... The POV switches to Victor's father, the Alpha, and is denoted by an asterisk. I tell you this as it would've been helpful for me to know beforehand but other than that, and some minor editing problems (hear/here), I really enjoyed Poppet's intellectual writing style.
I can honestly say I've never read a book like this before. Is it dark erotica? Yes, but in a most uncomfortable way. This is not a capture fantasy. Victor/Vengeance is not your average anti-hero; he is pure evil and I cannot wait to read book 2.

5.0 out of 5 starsDark, dark, dark - and be warned, it leaves a part of itself behind!
ByJade Weston May 30, 2014
Format: Kindle Edition
I've been meaning to write up a review of this one for a little while, but to be honest I've been toying with my emotions on it. This book is incredibly dark, not dark like usual dark erotica that disturbs you a bit but you crack on with it all the same, ACTUALLY dark. Really dark. So dark it creeps inside your soul and leaves you tainted. I felt dirty and creeped out by this book, but it has soul. It's hard to convey in actual words (hence the delay in the review).

I can honestly say this is the only book I've ever read where I've genuinely hoped the heroine would commit suicide. Not just a bit either, I was there with my Kindle rooting for her. 'Please do it, end it, please!!! You have to get out of this!! Death is the best way!' but it got me like that. I'd think about it when I wasn't reading, and reading it was a compulsively twitchy, unpleasant but addictive kind of affair.

This book is executed with great style. It's very well written, it's got atmosphere pouring from it and it's dark as dark gets. If that's your bag you should read it, and you will love it. I loved it, but I'm not sure I would want to read it again. Not yet anyway, I'm still scrubbing it off my skin from the last time. Still, despite the horror and the mixed emotional response to this very original piece, it's got so much soul pouring from its spurting black heart that it's a 5* from me.

If you like dark then definitely give this one a read, just don't blame me if you're sleeping with the light on afterwards.  

The audiobook is available right now Click here to be scared.

I hope you enjoy. Your comments will be really appreciated.

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Saturday 9 December 2017

An Angel has Fallen

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Welcome to another audiobook I've recently narrated. To buy When An Angel Falls on Amazon. Click here

Officer Michael Simon struggles to solve a wave of killing. His Nephlim blood cries out for justice. The only problem is the human world needs evidence. 
He cannot dispense justice in the way he likes.
When the case takes an unexpected turn. He meets the woman that intrigues him. In order to catch a killer and protect his woman he must call his father, something he thought he never would do.
Can Michael stop the evil that threatens his town the some angelic help or will evil prevail. Or will this Angel fall at the last hurdle?

This book is about a Nephilim who falls for a human. Nephilim are found in the Bible and I've put in some notes here to explain the background.
The Nephilim were the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men" before the Deluge, according to  of the Bible. According to Numbers 13:33, they later inhabited Canaan at the time of the Israelite conquest of Canaan. An either similar or identical biblical Hebrew term, read as "Nephilim" by some scholars, or as the word "fallen" by others, appears in Ezekiel 32:27.
The word is loosely translated as giants in some Bibles and left untranslated in others. They are mentioned in two contexts in the Bible:
When people began to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that they were fair; and they took wives for themselves of all that they chose. Then the Lord said, "My spirit shall not abide in mortals forever, for they are flesh; their days shall be one hundred twenty years." The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went in to the daughters of humans, who bore children to them. These were the heroes that were of old, warriors of renown.
— Genesis 6:1–4, New Revised Standard Version
Thus from the above source the nephilim are the "sons" of the union between the "sons of God" who have been interpreted by some to be fallen angels according to classical Judaic explanations[3] and the daughters of man who descended from Adam.

About Raven Delehanty
I have searched my whole life for my groove.I finally found it in my writing. I love the paranormal world. As an animal lover, it was only natural that I would be attracted to the shifter world. I raise wolves and children and love every minute of it. I believe in having fun and living life to it's fullest. I was most inspired by Christina Feehan, Lora Leight, and Andre Norton. I have found that there is a whole world in books and I love being a part of it. When my children were little after they went to bed I would read and for a little, while i was living in a world with no boundaries. I hope one day someone will feel that way about my books. I have seven books out at the moment with three more on the way. "The Last White Wolf" started it all. I wanted to tell a story about werewolves were sexy and majestic as well as beautiful. After that "A Wolf For Samantha" Just flowed. Raven has over a dozen full novels published and has recently started producing audiobooks of them. 

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