Friday 14 June 2019

Carrie's Spanish Diary Volume One

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It is now here for your enjoyment to read or listen to.
"Carrie's Spanish Diary Volume One"
This is four short sensual adventures from Carrie’s point of view. 
Carrie White keeps a diary and records all her sexual adventures. 
Each story in Volume One is a stand alone experience but they are linked through the first few days of her Spanish vacation. This volume tells how Carrie met a stranger on the train as she left London and then again on the flight and finally in the hotel. She had vowed to have a quiet week before her friend, Gwen, arrives but will she be seduced by the dark stranger.

Tim, her friend with benefits in London, arrives unexpectedly and Carrie is both pleased and angry. Angry because he didn’t tell her he was coming: pleased because they were so good together.
Carrie and Tim belong to a sex club in London, Club Eros, and they bump into two members who tell them about a beach party next day. They decide to tag along and the day turns into a hot session. The beach is baking and the atmosphere hots up.
Finally, Carrie wants to give Tim an experience to remind him of this vacation so she talks a receptionist at the hotel to spend time with them. Does this lead to another raunchy evening?
Carrie’s week isn’t a quiet, relaxing week alone, reading her book on the beach but a full blown, non-stop series of sexy adventures. With Gwen arriving for the last week, will they have more adventures together. Watch out for Volume Two.
If you are under 18 years or might be offended by the sexually graphic descriptions then do not continue. This is adult reading only.

Once again Club Eros features in this book. Club Eros is the Sex Club in London that Carrie was introduced into by Tim, her "friend with benefits". They visit the Club about once or twice a month now and enjoy the group sex and Carrie loves being an exhibitionist in front of a crowd of members. All members have this small tattoo discretely on thir body, usually a shoulder or wrist wherre it can be seen. Very useful for introducing yourself to new members outside the Club when you meet them by chance. It was a chance meeting with a couple of members that led Carrie and Tim out on the exciting Beach Sex Party and where Tim showed his jealousy for the first time. Was he becoming possessive? Carrie hoped not, she enjoyed their open relationship too much.

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Saturday 6 April 2019

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

It's been a long time since I wrote a post here. But I feel I have some good news for you. Several new stories.One of my favourites is Taboo: Deep! Dark! by Jim Masters. 5 Short Erotic Stories. Nearly 3 hours of sexy stories that you will enjoy listening to. 
Here is a selection of short stories delving into the world of taboo. Older guys with college girls, priests on the border of defrocking, and a story about two strangers on the cabin cruiser make up this collection of taboo stories. 
"Ready for Action: The Brat Gets What She Wants"
Dave is an indie writer, divorced and living alone when he hits the jackpot on lotto and wins three-quarters of a million dollars. He buys a small cabin cruiser and moors it on the coast. When his stepbrother calls telling him about his problematic 19-year-old daughter, he is persuaded to babysit her on his boat for a few days. Dave has his libido reignited. Will he
fulfill his desires?
"Taboo and Lust: The Brat Will Do Anything to Pass"
The English professor is happy working with his university students and encouraging them to do well in their studying. Some students require a little more than a critique on their work, and Kylie turns on her charms to encourage the professor to do more for her. 
"Taboo: The Brat and Friend. A Threesome Made in Heaven"
Gemma brings her best friend, Tina, to visit her uncle on his boat. The two 19-year-olds have more than sailing in mind as they lay topless on the deck while Dave watches from his seat. Will they lead him astray? Find out in this erotic short story.
"Taboo: The Priest's Confessions"
Father Pat has been around the block for some time and has been tempted more than once. He confesses to his sins of the flesh in this taboo story. 
"Taboo: Kay Is Satisfied"
Dave enjoys his newfound freedom and takes the attractive owner of the local laundromat for a spin in his boat. She lights his inner desires and satisfies his needs in this sexy, saucy tale.
Taboo:Dark! Deep! Two is just available to listen to these stories first. 
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