Monday 7 September 2020

 Hi Lovely Readers

Very good news. My friend Jim Masters has some free copies of an erotic manual that he narrated. It is packed with great ideas to improve your love life and will give you the confidence to be more adventurous in a relationship or help you meet new people and start a relationship that will be exciting and give you power over your partner to satisfy you both.

 Dirty Talk: The Psychology And Physiology of "Talking Dirty" - The Easiest Way to Mind-Blowing Sex for Men & Women is cramped full of ideas that you may be aware of but never tried or tips that are new to you. Gary Allman, the author has gathered a barrel load of useful tips and he has included comments from both men and women.

So be aware!! Warning: controversial content here! Gary Allman is about to revolutionize your sex life. Are you ready? 

Now, answer this question: Do you ever feel awkward or shy when it comes to dirty talk? A lot of people feel uncomfortable when they first start talking dirty to their partner. And, let's face it, how can you possibly enjoy dirty talk if you're constantly worried about how you sound?

Dirty Talk: The Psychology and Physiology of Talking Dirty is here to help! This audiobook will help you save time, energy, and money as it gives you all the most important techniques and strategies for you to have the mind-blowing sex you deserve!

In this audiobook, you will find:

  • Simple words that will drive your man crazy. He'll stay harder and get bigger - no matter what!
  • How to take control of your man the way you want to and never let him get away. Learn what every man wants and desires....
  • Gary Allman's fundamentals and strategies to unlock your confidence levels in bed. Never be afraid of doing the wrong thing in bed again, for both men and women!
  • How to transform her into an orgasm machine, by using your mouth only....
  • How to enliven your relationship and experience the most intense orgasms in your life!
  • How to tease your sexual partner with specific, arousing words.... He or she will beg you for sex!
  • And much more!

You can have this power. Anyone can become a master of dirty talk easily and quickly.... You just need to unleash your inner seductive skills and apply the tactics taught in this audiobook. It's time to let go of the taboo and embrace the hot, erotic, sensually-exciting world of talking dirty!

This audiobook will teach you how to open up your mouth and voice what you want, what you love, and exactly how you want it, in the most attractive way possible.

Don't delay in getting this audiobook now as there are only limited free copies. Just click on the link and within seconds you can be listening to this life-chaning manual helping both men and women.

Click the link below and brighten your sex life now

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Friday 14 June 2019

Carrie's Spanish Diary Volume One

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

It is now here for your enjoyment to read or listen to.
"Carrie's Spanish Diary Volume One"
This is four short sensual adventures from Carrie’s point of view. 
Carrie White keeps a diary and records all her sexual adventures. 
Each story in Volume One is a stand alone experience but they are linked through the first few days of her Spanish vacation. This volume tells how Carrie met a stranger on the train as she left London and then again on the flight and finally in the hotel. She had vowed to have a quiet week before her friend, Gwen, arrives but will she be seduced by the dark stranger.

Tim, her friend with benefits in London, arrives unexpectedly and Carrie is both pleased and angry. Angry because he didn’t tell her he was coming: pleased because they were so good together.
Carrie and Tim belong to a sex club in London, Club Eros, and they bump into two members who tell them about a beach party next day. They decide to tag along and the day turns into a hot session. The beach is baking and the atmosphere hots up.
Finally, Carrie wants to give Tim an experience to remind him of this vacation so she talks a receptionist at the hotel to spend time with them. Does this lead to another raunchy evening?
Carrie’s week isn’t a quiet, relaxing week alone, reading her book on the beach but a full blown, non-stop series of sexy adventures. With Gwen arriving for the last week, will they have more adventures together. Watch out for Volume Two.
If you are under 18 years or might be offended by the sexually graphic descriptions then do not continue. This is adult reading only.

Once again Club Eros features in this book. Club Eros is the Sex Club in London that Carrie was introduced into by Tim, her "friend with benefits". They visit the Club about once or twice a month now and enjoy the group sex and Carrie loves being an exhibitionist in front of a crowd of members. All members have this small tattoo discretely on thir body, usually a shoulder or wrist wherre it can be seen. Very useful for introducing yourself to new members outside the Club when you meet them by chance. It was a chance meeting with a couple of members that led Carrie and Tim out on the exciting Beach Sex Party and where Tim showed his jealousy for the first time. Was he becoming possessive? Carrie hoped not, she enjoyed their open relationship too much.

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Kisses and hugs

Abbie  xxx

Saturday 6 April 2019

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

It's been a long time since I wrote a post here. But I feel I have some good news for you. Several new stories.One of my favourites is Taboo: Deep! Dark! by Jim Masters. 5 Short Erotic Stories. Nearly 3 hours of sexy stories that you will enjoy listening to. 
Here is a selection of short stories delving into the world of taboo. Older guys with college girls, priests on the border of defrocking, and a story about two strangers on the cabin cruiser make up this collection of taboo stories. 
"Ready for Action: The Brat Gets What She Wants"
Dave is an indie writer, divorced and living alone when he hits the jackpot on lotto and wins three-quarters of a million dollars. He buys a small cabin cruiser and moors it on the coast. When his stepbrother calls telling him about his problematic 19-year-old daughter, he is persuaded to babysit her on his boat for a few days. Dave has his libido reignited. Will he
fulfill his desires?
"Taboo and Lust: The Brat Will Do Anything to Pass"
The English professor is happy working with his university students and encouraging them to do well in their studying. Some students require a little more than a critique on their work, and Kylie turns on her charms to encourage the professor to do more for her. 
"Taboo: The Brat and Friend. A Threesome Made in Heaven"
Gemma brings her best friend, Tina, to visit her uncle on his boat. The two 19-year-olds have more than sailing in mind as they lay topless on the deck while Dave watches from his seat. Will they lead him astray? Find out in this erotic short story.
"Taboo: The Priest's Confessions"
Father Pat has been around the block for some time and has been tempted more than once. He confesses to his sins of the flesh in this taboo story. 
"Taboo: Kay Is Satisfied"
Dave enjoys his newfound freedom and takes the attractive owner of the local laundromat for a spin in his boat. She lights his inner desires and satisfies his needs in this sexy, saucy tale.
Taboo:Dark! Deep! Two is just available to listen to these stories first. 
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Abigail Andrews is now available at:

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I'm back in the saddle again so watch out for more news of exciting stories to read and listen to

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Monday 31 December 2018

Carrie and the Stranger

Hi My lovely Readers

I do hope you had an happy Christmas and that everything that you wish for youself happens in 2019. This year has spun around so fast. Looking back we had such an amazing Summer. Well probably late Spring and early Summer so it is already forgotten by many. I'm hoping that it is repeated next year. And here Autumn and Winter has proved mainly mild. OK! We've had some storms and heavy rain but these have been spikes. 
I haven't been standing around doing nothing. I've been writing and have the second series of Carrie's Diary planned and partly written. Carrie and the Stranger is the first in this series and it's available at Kindle, Amazon and shortly Audible, narrated by Harriet Seed, whom many of you have been complimentary. In addition it is available for downloading here (just click) as a new outlet on Jim Master's new Sales Page.
I told you that I'm planning for next year and have one or two ideas for my regular readers. I'm looking to write some special stories for my regulars that will be free. But you need to sign up. If you scroll down on the right side of this page you'll see short form. Just add your e-mail address and I'll keep in touch. I won't be bombarding you,so don't worry. And if you change your mind you can unsubscribe at any time.
Now some books are only available through Kindle, Amazon and Audible. Click below for details of these. Carrie's Erotic Diary Volume One is flying off the shelves as an audio book. It is over 3 hours for you to listen to in 5 short erotic stories. Each story is complete in itself but they follow on as a diary.

I have just completed narrating DIRTY TALK, THE PSYCHOLOGY and PHYSIOLOGY OF DIRTY TALK and feel this is a good book for anyone wanting to improve their bed-talk. 
The Author, Gary Allman has researched through many friends and acquaintances how guys feel they should talk to women and he has been surprised at how badly most of them are. He also picked up some real gems from women he talked to - the good and bad experiences they had and most importantly how they wanted guys to talk to them to make them feel hot.
Click here to get the audiobook
Here is an except from the book. This is the Introduction in fact. So read on. . . 
Gary writes . . .

What’s a four-letter word for sex?
Not that one. Try again.
If you said “talk”, you win! Talk is a four-letter word for sex, and it's one that's often either ignored or neglected in our hot pursuit of the punchline. So, that’s what this book is about. It’s an exploration of the role what we say plays in in the panorama of human sexuality.
Innuendo is a subtle linguistic art that has a lot to do with the way people interact with each other, sexually. It’s often used when we flirt, but when we’re embroiled in a relationship, do we stop flirting?
I hope not! Flirting is one of the most wonderful steps in the dance of love and if we’re not doing it with our significant others, it’s time to rediscover how much more playful and rewarding our sex lives can be when we flirt. And that’s why we’re here. We’re here to put aside our awkwardness about (or even distaste for) dirty talk and embrace our inner flirts. We’re going to the naughty side and letting our inner raunch out to play.
Whether our words are spoken in person, over the telephone, by email, text, or instant message, words can be very sexy. But some of us need a little help learning how to put together the right words to achieve the effect we’re looking for.
Dirty talk is much than full frontal come-ons and the use of words we wouldn’t say in front of our moms. Dirty talk is suggestive, subtle and playful. It invites. It does not reach out and grab a body part in a flurry of expletives.
We’re going to look at how to weave a web of enticing, whimsical fun with our words. We’ll learn about the psychological aspects of successfully deploying our inner sex imp and how to bury, once and for all, that creepy little gnome that sometimes appears instead. We’re going to take a walk on the wild side of our linguistic lives and learn how and when dirty talk can be our best friend.

Let’s talk dirty!
This is the book you must have. Now I narrated it and so I'm suggesting you get the audiobook version and then you can listen when and where you want, on the way to work, when you are relaxing, in bed or wherever you want.
It is highly recommended and guaranteed to make your love life better.
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Monday 19 November 2018

Hi My Lovely Readers

Another day. Another dollar. Another story. Here is one of Jim Master's five new erotic stories evoking taboo thoughts and deeds.
Taboo: Kay is Satisfied
Another JIm Masters short erotic story just for you.

  I guess I was lucky. I’m a writer, not very successful. But my luck came from the Lotto win of nearly three quarters of a million. I’m in my late forties and on my own. I was planning on making a home in Spain but keeping a small property here too, as a fallback. I hadn’t told anyone about my win and I hadn’t gone wild. I’d bought a cheap small car and a bigger investment. Just over ten thousand on a second-hand cabin cruiser.

It was nearing time to go to Spain on an exploration trip when I hoped to find a property. Nothing expensive. I needed a marina for my boat, a place that was lively but not a drunken wild destination. I would write there and maybe would strike lucky with that. I wanted a place overlooking the beach and sea, and within walking distance of shops and cafes.

But that was the future. Right now I was down on the coast back home where I had a mooring in a marina. I was here a lot

I was getting to know the local shops and café’s now after a few weeks. I’d started taking my dirty washing home when I went but was soon using the local laundry wash, I’d found a couple of really friendly cafés, and the local boat yard had become a wealth of information and store for supplies and equipment.

The Laundry Service was a self-service place, a row of washing machines opposite several commercial driers. It was simple. I wasn’t rushed for time so I would sit and wait. Gave me time to think about my day and what I would be doing. Kay ran it with her daughter. They would take dirty washing, put it through the process and even iron for a modest amount. Some days they were really busy and others sat and chatted. Usually there was just one of them there except on Mondays and Fridays which seemed the busiest

It was a Wednesday and Kay came and sat with me. She was slim, but not skinny, she must have been at least thirty eight as Penny, her daughter, was just turned nineteen. But she looked about 28 years old. Kay was blonde, probably out of a bottle, her hair cut short and in a bob. She was average height, certainly shorter than me. She was always cheerful and smiling. I’d noticed she always wore bright red lipstick and had matching nails. She often wore red heels too. Maybe that should have sent signals to my brain. She usually wore figure hugging trousers and a blouse; often open one button too much for modesty, showing her breasts which looked firm and round. Now read on . . .  

I know you are goimng to love this story. Why not make as comment at the bottom of this page, always appreciated. 

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Thank you so much for reading my blog. You are so appreciated. Please watch out for details of more books written by myself and my friend JIm Masters.

Take care and good reading or listening

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Sunday 5 August 2018

New Erotic Collection Carrie's Diary Volume One

Hi My lovely Readers and Listeners

New my first collection is ready for you now. The first volume of Carrie's Diary. On Audible audio books over 3 hours of listening, 105 packed pages on Kindle.  This covers February and March and is made up of 5 separate sexy adventures.This is Carrie's own story and read by the wonderful Harriet Seed who brings Carrie alive. Her voice conveys how she feels and what is happening, each raunchy adventure.

Carrie's Diary Vol. One covers her encounter working at a national exhibition with the Sales Director

who finds himself captivated by her. It continues with a flash-back to when she was 18 years and introduced to her lust for life and sex in all varieties. 

Carrie goes on to tell us about her first lesbian coupling, unexpectedly with her very good friend. Next Carrie is given a huge cash gift to entertain 4 uninhibited young bankers who want to let off steam in a private room in a top London hotel. Finally one of these bankers invites Carrie to a private members sex club which she hugely enjoys.

Here the opening words of the first encounter:

Dear Diary

About Me

   I’m starting fresh today. I’m going to write about my experiences and emotions. Maybe one day someone will make this into a book. So let’s start by telling you about myself.

   My name is Carrie and I love sex. Everything about it. I love guys who are older cause they are better at fucking. I love the chase. Finding a guy, single, married, mainly older and talking him into have a good time with me, naked and intimate.

  I’m now 24 but I’ve been like this since my 18th birthday when I was seduced by Richard who was much older and loved younger women. Well women who are between 18 and 22, any size, any shape and anywhere – so he said. We had a wild 3 days together. I learned more than any 18 year old should know about the art of sex and how to please a man.  That is another story and one you need to watch out for. It’s been my secret now for the last 6 years and maybe time to tell you about it.

   But back to now and me. I’m Carrie White, blonde, petit and attractive. Or at least that is what they tell me, family, friends and lovers. I enjoy dancing, shows and eating. I’m a pizza queen, but I go for food from around the world. I left school and went to college for a year to study Hair and Make
-up but I didn’t learn anything new so I left.

   I took a job promoting and merchandising. That meant standing in a Departmental Store or supermarket giving away samples or doing a make-up make-over. It was OK and I was doing what I liked, meeting new people and having fun. Wasn’t really like work.

   Then the agency said they were looking for photographic models to present products for magazines. I had some work over a few months and made some money but it was slow. I knew I wouldn’t make it big overnight so I kept up the promo work too. Then Richard came along and that’s when my life changed. He persuaded me to do nude modelling and that
lead to me losing my virginity. You’ll need to read about it in Richard Found and Trained Me

   Up until then I’d had a few boy-friends but nothing too serious. Most I went out with just a few times and got bored. They all talked about football and all tried to get me into bed. Quite honestly it pissed me off. In the car, at my home or theirs, even at a movie they all tried to get their hands inside my bra, up my skirt or down my jeans. And some wouldn’t take “No” without a slap. I was really fed-up. I had this schoolgirl idea of being a virgin bride when the right guy came along. Foolish thought now, powerful motivation at the time. So rather than be in a difficult position again I started just going out with the crowd.

Thursday 17th February

   So here I am on an exhibition stand for a major kitchen manufacturer – top end of course – dressed in red. Red blouse, buttons opened as far as I can get away with, red lacy platform bra showing my boys, a red mini shirt and red heels, high, high enough to accentuate my legs but also make them ache. I need to sit down. Who designed this? Must have been a man. I’m handing out brochures and trying to get people on to the stand where the sales crew will talk to them and try to sell. The sales guys all have a red shirt and tie matching my outfit, company colour.  They are all on commission; I’m on a flat day rate. Ok. It’s not peanuts but I could beat any of these guys on sales. Maybe I should try that in future. I’m sure my agency will be able to find some work for me. I’m staying in a hotel with the sales guys. I wonder who will be the first to try it on! Tough luck guys, you are all too young and in-your-face. After Richard I like older guys and I like a challenge.

Buy the book, KIndle or audio-book and have some good nights in. Low lights, scented candles, on your own or with a loved one for extra fun. 

Carries Diary Volume Two will be available in the Spring.

Thanks for reading my blog. Good reading and listening. The links are further down the page

Jim Masters

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Saturday 4 August 2018

Hello Readers and Listeners, my Lovelies

Good News. Hannah Blackbird's short story Blown Out: The Dangers of Forbidden Attraction is waiting for you to read right now. You will love this story with the usual Blackbird excitement.

This contains material of explicit sexual nature. Bored and beautiful, Violet falls hard for Zed, a talented, drop-dead gorgeous photographer. But she's a princess and her father would never approve. Can the young lovers keep their passionate affair hidden or is the forbidden fairytale romance bound to come crashing down? Follow their sexually and emotionally charged journey in Blown Out.

The book starts thus:

   It was dark by the time Violet made it to the car. Just another Friday evening. She’d already said goodnight to her father. He hadn’t seemed to suspect a thing. Didn’t he see it? Didn’t he hear the mad, racing beat of her heart? It felt like a newly caged bird, trying to burst its way out of her chest. Thump. Thump. Thump. Did he know? It felt as though the world revolved around her deceit. just another Friday evening.
   “What is it tonight?” he’d asked. He always asked but of course, she read too far into it and felt like he already suspected something.

   “Just the orchestra,” Her voice sounded strange and she tried to set it right. “They’re doing Mozart and then Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. I love that piece.” She’d looked up the program online, of course, feeling like a criminal the whole time. “It might go on until late,” she added.

   “I don’t know how you can stand it,” he’d yawned as she walked with a forced casualness from the room. Her shoes clicked along the hard floors, the sound interspersed by the occasional heavy rug. Ralph was at the door. They didn’t speak until after he’d closed the car door behind her and was in the driver’s seat.

   Then he sighed.

   “It’d be pointless to tell you how crazy this is, wouldn’t it?” he said. He was watching her in the rear-view mirror. Violet couldn’t meet his eyes.

   “I’m not asking you to do anything,” she said. “I just know
you’re too smart to get around. And I’d rather have you know
about it than chase me.”

   “I don’t really know if I should take that as a compliment,” Ralph mused. He tapped out a beat on the steering wheel and went into his pocket for chewing gum, his eyes still focused on her. “Vi, I can’t afford to lose this job.”

   “I know.” She met his gaze then. “I know. And I wouldn’t let that happen. Just do this one thing. Please?”

   He didn’t say anything.

   “How’s Roma, anyway?” Violet surprised herself by remembering his girlfriend’s name. “Weren’t you going to propose?”

   Ralph blew out a sigh.

   “I plan to. Just – finding a moment.”

  “Must be nice,” Vi said. “Not needing permission to be in love.”

   Ralph snorted. “Must be nice living a life of obscene luxury.”

   “Prison is prison,” Violet said. “Doesn’t matter if it looks nice on the outside.”

   Ralph groaned.

   “Fine! Enough with the theatrics! See this, kid. I won’t stop you but you get caught, it’s all you, okay?” He twisted in his
seat to look at her, his blue eyes shaded with concern. “Vi, I
don’t want to see you hurt. Bottom line. You understand?
You’re playing with fire. You do know that, right?”

   She knew it. But fire was pretty to look at and it warmed her in the most addictive way. She hadn’t felt this way since – no. She frowned and tried to expel the thought. Don’t go there.

   “Vi!” Ralph was still looking at her. “I’m talking third-degree burns if you get caught. Is he really worth it?”

   She bit her lip and looked down at her hands. They shook a little and she sat on them.

   “Yes. I’m sorry but yes,” She looked up as Zed approached the car. “He’s – everything.”

You will love this book as much as I do. Click below for more information. 

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