Monday 19 March 2018

New Erotic Audiobook by Jim Masters

Hi Listeners

After an experience with a webcam model I was unable to keep this locked away in my mind. I had to share it and here it is. The story starts thus:

   I gunned the car down the road. It was busy, rush hour but I needed to be home. She was waiting for me, lying out on her bed in my favourite lingerie. Skimpy black lacy low-cut front fastening bra and matching French knickers, with room for my fingers to crawl up her thigh and straight to her smooth, hairless mound, her pussy lips still withdrawn to show a pencil slit, awaiting the adventure she wanted every night.
   The rain fell down in sheets. Difficult to even see the car in front sometimes as the wind swept across and sheets of water fell, whilst water was thrown up from the road. Ahead the lights were green but with about a dozen cars in front would they stay green or flash over to red? Impatiently I tail-gated the car in front. He glanced in the mirror and pulled away to leave a distance between us, I put my foot down too. It was only seconds but felt much longer as we approached then RED. Slammed on my brakes, realising just how close I’d been and we stopped, me and the two cars in front. I sat there drumming my fingers on the steering wheel, foot down slightly on the accelerator, full down on clutch. I was thinking of her and totally oblivious to everything else except the red light.
   Bang! I jumped l as the angry face peered in my window. Automatically I put the door-lock on and looked out. It was a youngish guy; well I’m 56, so anyone below 30 is a kid. He gestured to wind down the window, but I wasn’t raking a chance. I slipped it a slit so he couldn’t even get his in fingers in. “Don’t tailgate me, you bastard!” he yelled and I wondered what he was going to do next. I did think how stupid I had been in my anxiety to reach home, but I’d stopped safely.
   Then the lights changed, horns blared, torrents fell and he stalked off. And we were moving again. Not too far now, about 15 minutes if I was lucky, and I’d not been yet. The traffic ahead was slowing down again: couldn’t see what the hold-up was. Traffic wasn’t coming towards us either. Accident? Oh no. Not tonight. She’s waiting. She’ll be worried. Lying there on the bed, waiting, wondering. And I couldn’t phone her, no way  . . . 
It's around ninety minutes of unadulterated erotica about a guy who pays to bring a Camgirl to London, whom he has been talking to for several months. He doesn't really know what to expect but is overwhelmingly surprised by the events as they unravel.
Listening to erotica in private is the most sensual way to enjoy it. Whether traveling to or from work, in a break or best at home in bed, lights out and just you and me together. I've been told that its hot and steamy.
Don't take my word for that. Order your copy today and listen tonight.
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Love you all
Jim Masters

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