Sunday 27 May 2018

Hello My Lovely Readers and Listeners

New book now available on Audible to listen. Or you can read on Kindle. The paperback is available too. take your choice. It's Carrie & Gwen's Threesome FFM. I hope you'll love it. I've had some great feedback already.

Gwen and I were on a three day tan top up break in the sun. We met at the café and Frank was the perfect gentleman: attentive, filling our glasses but not forcing wine on us, telling us about the town, what to do and where to go. We told him we were just chilling out for a couple of days, catching up on our tans and spending time together. I guess we should have known what to expect when Frank placed his hand on our knees under the table. He was a dirty old man and wanted to fuck someone young. It was obvious by the way he kept looking
at our breasts: my summery dress was low cut and I had a quarter cut bra so there was plenty to see, the same with Gwen, she wore a wrap-around that was pretty open at the top. She was bra-less and you could see the outline of her breasts through the flimsy material. Franks stroked my leg and his fingers walked up my thigh. I knew he was doing the same to Gwen. She was looking at me and raising her eye-brows slightly. I nodded back. I could see his arms moving as I glanced down which confirmed what I already knew. He stopped and squeezed the top of my leg. I wondered if he would go further. I wouldn’t mind. Up close he had an aura about him of authority, in a quiet way. I liked that. Now read on with this steamy hot erotic story.

Harriet Seed narrates this story and her voice is perfect. When she speaks and I close my eyes I can see Carrie in my mind. Listen and tell me what you think.

Today has been glorious and I've been sitting out in my garden (well patio really) full of green plants, some beginning to flower. I've had my orange bikini on and I'm trying to avoid those white lines so my bra is off and I have pushed the bottoms down as far as I can. Luckily I'm not overlooked, its very discrete. 

So take a look at the book and enjoy it alone or with your sexy partner.

Click her for Kindle and book

Click here for Audio book

Love you all

Abbie  kisses galore. 

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