Tuesday 15 May 2018

Interviewed by Jim Masters

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

I was very fortunate to be interviewed by Jim Masters recently. As a new author it is really pleasing to be able to talk about your books. 

I've now written some 8 books, most being about Carrie White, a young woman of 24 years who leads an interesting life full of sexual adventures. I feel that my personal experiences give the stories the reality that you, my readers, both deserve and want. Carrie has now just 

been to Club Eros, a sex club in London run by Bernie. She meets several couples there with her partner for the evening, Tim. Tim has been a member for a few years, but being single, needs a partner to take on Couples Only evening.

This is a totally new experience for Carrie but one she enjoys. In the next story she is given the chance to become a full member. The initiation ceremony is one that all full member go through. Will Carrie enjoy this or not? Watch out for Carrie's Initiation coming soon. I've also talked about this to Jim Masters and he is already working on a stand-alone story about the Club from a different point of view. He is writing Club Eros. I know this will be hot and I hope you'll watch out for it.  I've know Jim for some time now and he encouraged me to start writing. I really appreciate everything he has done for me. 

Carrie will have to be tattooed with the Club Eros sign. A discrete sign that helps members recognise one another. Have you ever noticed this on someone you know?  Are they holding a secret from you? Would you ask them about it? Maybe see if you can join this elite club? 

I've got more writing to do so must fly. The sun has been shining all day, blue skies. I've been having some tan top up myself so now back to the keyboard.

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Have a wonderful life my lovely friends

love and kisses

Abbie   xxxxx

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