Monday 14 May 2018

Carrie's Lesbian Encounter

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Here is a new book ready and waiting for you to read or listen to. Carrie's Lesbian Encounter is already falling of the book case as sales increase. This is Number 3 in the Erotic Diary of a Young Woman. Three more short books are either ready to buy or will be published within days. I hope you enjoy, I've had some good feedback from fans.


Wednesday 2nd March

   The loud knock on the door was louder than I expected but I knew who it was.

  I ran over, opened up and Gwen entered, throwing herself at me and bursting into tears. She’d phoned to say that Anthony had broken up with her and she was devastated. They had been together for a few months now and he had just broken the news and walked out on her, an hour ago. And she’d rushed over for some sympathy.

   It was five years since we’d shared an apartment together with two other girls. We’d been young then, me just eighteen, Gwen a year older. We’d had some great times together and she had introduced me to the world of sexy cam-sites where I’d started working ad hoc to make some extra cash, a lot as it so happens.

   Gwen was really attractive and very good natured but I’d thought her so shy and with no sexual experience until I walked into her room one day and caught her almost naked and putting on a sexy show online for guys who sent tokens as tips that she could cash in for money. She was chatting away to them and looked like she was really enjoying herself.

   Gwen was from Wales, some small village, so we had stuff in common. We worked together, went shopping together and went out clubbing together. Club drinks were so expensive, we drank in the apartment before going out then filled  small water bottles with vodka and put them in our bags. We never got caught and guys bought for us drinks too. But we always left together and never gave guys anything, no mobile, no address, no touching, no kissing. They didn’t object or perhaps were waiting until the end. But of course we jumped in a cab and away. Our flat was in Bayswater, well more Lancaster Gate really. Huge terraced house tenanted on each floor. We had a kitchen cum diner with a large kitchen table, chairs and a large TV on the wall. There were 4 bedrooms; well I guess it was two rooms that had been divided with a false wall. Each bedroom was big enough. When it was a house the rooms must have been enormous. There was a bathroom with two shower cubicles so the landlord planned it well. I really enjoyed the flat sharing life. The girls were all great.

  I’d been living with the girls for a year working hard and trying to save for my own place. I was doing OK. Different jobs going and all bringing in money, enough for me to put quite a bit aside each month and I expected to be able to buy my own place in a couple of years. I knew I needed a lot to buy in London. Then a miracle happened. My grandfather had left me some money. The letter came from a solicitor and I travelled to Cornwall to a meeting he had called. I stayed with my Gran, having lived there for several years when I was growing up. It was my home. In fact when Gramps became seriously ill, I had gone home for two weeks just to be with them, and look after Gran, who was quite capable but emotionally drained. .And then, quite quickly he passed away. My parents flew home for the funeral. It was a large funeral with so many local folk attending.

   We set off for the meeting. Gran sitting upright in the car not talking. We were ushered in and sat waiting, just Gran and me. As I looked over at her I realized Gran had recovered well in the 4 months since he had died or was being very stoic. I knew she had many friends in the village and would be getting a ton of support.

   I wasn’t expecting much. They lived in a small village in Cornwall and I didn’t even know what my grand-dad had done for a job. He was always working in his home office and I’d never really been interested. We had a good life and he was always around for meals, pottering around in his lovely garden at weekends, having a barbeque, inviting local friends over. The usual stuff.

   So I was astounded when the solicitor told me I had inherited £197,000. I couldn’t believe it at first, and it didn’t sink in.

   Now the story gets hot and steamy as Gwen falls into bed with me. If you love reading about intimate experiences then this is for you.

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