Friday 27 April 2018

Hello Listeners and Readers

A new book from Abigail Andrews is launched. I'm told its a scorcher. That's what she hope she would hear. Here is the opening lines:


Wednesday 9thMarch
   The advert stood out like a streaker on Lord’s Cricket ground on a swelteringly hot summer day and a match day with packed terraces. “Are you ready to serve and be served as a gourmet feast for 3 insatiable gentlemen . . .?”
    That had me going. There was a mobile number. I rang it. A well-spoken energetic man’s voice answered. “Hello! John White. Can I help you?”
    “Er. Yes. I’m phoning about the advert.”
    “Are you free-minded young and attractive? We are looking for a young woman with serve dinner tomorrow night and entertain us.”
    “Yes! I’m 24 years old. I’m told I’m attractive and I’m up for some fun. Can you tell me more?”
    “Yes, of course. Can you send me a photo now please; just a selfie and I will call you back.”
    “I’ve just got up. I’m not really ready to take a photo.”
    “That’s fine. Don’t worry. Just send one anyway.” And he hung up. I found one I’d taken last week at an exhibition I was working where I seduced the Sales Director, John. And what a wonderful three days that had been. (See Carrie’s Exhibition Stand)
    The photo was me on the exhibition stand wearing the corporate outfit and looking pretty good, Immaculate make-up and hair high. The hair made me look like an efficient secretary, well an attractive office secretary.
     The mobile burst into life and I clicked to accept. “Hi. Thanks for the photo” the voice said “Very nice. Now there are four
 of us, all in our forties and pretty fit. We all have jobs in the city. We want a good looking girl to come and serve us dinner and then have some fun with us.”
    “Sexual?” I interrupted
    “Is that a problem? There’s £1500 for you and you’ll be home and tucked up in bed by midnight probably.”
    I tried to sound calm, £1500. Wow that was really going to help towards my apartment purchase. “Yes. I might be up for that. Nothing rough though. OK?”
    “Of course not. Now I will text the address and time etc. It’ll be around 7.30 we start but you can get in from 5 o’clock. In fact I’d like you to be there to greet us when we arrive at 7. It’s a hotel and the meal is delivered room service, so all you do is serve us.”
    “Ok. What is your name? How do I know you will pay me?”
    “Clipped, curt reply “I’m John, I said that when you first called. You will be paid; there is no doubt about that. £1500 in crisp £20 notes. Is that OK with you? Oh what size are you? There will be a uniform there ready for you” I told him I was a UK size 12 (I’ve got a good figure with good sized boobs, not a skinny flat chested model) and he hung up.

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