Wednesday 28 March 2018

Livin is Easy with this 99p book over Easter

Hi My Lovely Readers and Listeners

And here is the good news OVER THE EASTER BANK HOLIDAY I've reduce the price on Kindle to 99p to give you something to read and enjoy over the holiday. STARTING THURSDAY 29th MARCH

So a treat for you. The first erotic story I wrote over a year now. Since then I've re-written parts and added a whole section. I hope you enjoy reading and listening as much as I did writing and narrating. 
   It's short and sweet, less than an hour. And you can listen discreetly on your mobile device whist travelling to work. It'll wake you up and stimulate your feelings. I've already had some good feedback. When I published the short original version these were some of the comments.

 I.V.Wow...Ya wouldn't believe it if I told ya...giggles...Very erotic and saucy

CB - Ah, great ending and scorching sex throughout!

TR - Oh I think you got your moneys worth. well done, neat story

W315 - awesome story I think I might pick up hitch hikers again

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Here is an excerpt. The action gets really hot and steamy. You will love it.
   My name is Jim and I’m 47 years old. Divorced. No kids. Great Job. Money in the bank and in my back pocket. Don’t know if I’m good looking. I certainly look after myself and date plenty of girls: they seem to think I’m ok. I don’t think it’s just the money. Today I’m off the coast. Seen a nice little cruiser that I might buy. Always liked the sea and a small cabin cruiser that I could live on overnight and weekends would be great. Across to France too? I needed something big enough to take my motor-bike too.
   I’d come off the main road. I was having fun on this relatively quiet straight road away from urbanisation. Then this girl had just pushed her case out in the middle of the road and here we were.
   My thoughts turned to the girl. Good looker. Legs that seemed to go on forever. First thing I noticed as I got out of the car. Probably the last thing I saw as I braked. Slim shapely tanned legs. Her omg so short denim shorts were traditionally ripped and held up with a brown leather belt matching her open toes sandals. They looked expensive in direct contrast to her brown ancient, well-worn and tatty suitcase. It looked incongruous against her general appearance. She was fit.

and more

   “Quick. Rub my clitoris . . . hard” her voice was a rasp and her breath quick and shallow. She was so wet. She wriggled and her shorts were down past her ass. I could feel soft silky panties, a mere scrap of material, and they were wet. So wet, it was like they’d just been washed. Rubbing my itchy fingers over the material I could feel her mound and the lips protruding. Itchy fingers because they were desperate to touch. Yes she was ready and waiting. Slipping my fingers inside the soft silk I felt the smoothest skin imaginable, bringing back memories of college days and 18 year old pussies.

   She was breathing real heavy now as I rubbed her lips and pushed a finger inside. She was nuzzled up to my neck and right then gave my ear a bite. Her hand was rubbing my hard erection slowly up and down. Nice. Then she pulled away and dived her head down encasing my cock with those lips, pushing down as I entered her mouth, not stopping as her tongue rubbed against me, down, down so deep she almost took my balls.

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I'm having a couple of days on a beach in the sun. can't wait. Might be some eye candy
Good Listening and reading

Jim Masters

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