Friday 24 November 2017

Wife';s Toy Party erotica audio

The adventures of submissive wife Suzi continue. In this instalment she invites twenty of the most attractive neighbourhood wives and girlfriends around for a marital aids party with a difference. Her Masterful husband, Damion is set up with a front row seat and is guaranteed audience participation.

As Sharon got herself comfortable, Suzi pointed out a few features. “You sit on the machine like a horse with your feet either on the floor or you can put them through these stirrups,” she indicated some rubber straps at the back of the machine which had a passing resemblance to stirrups. “And then you get hold of the remote and pump up the juice.” She picked up a box that was attached by a cable and turned a dial.
Sharon jumped visibly and let out a little cry, “Ooh!”
As my wife worked Sharon up to her second public orgasm of the evening, I looked around the other woman and noticed Marie and Ally had disappeared from the crowd. I glanced around the other monitors and saw them straight away in the second bedroom. Ally was on her bed and Marie was clearly introducing her to Sapphic love. I decided to go and join them.
Quietly opening the bedroom door, I slipped through and Marie saw me immediately, tipping me a wink. Ally didn't see me, the bed was orientated so that I was facing the top of her head and she was intensely concentrating on what was going on between her legs. Marie had freed her from the gag and indeed her panties. The denim skirt was up around her waist and she had her legs spread as wide as they would go. Marie had one of her long fingers right up inside Ally’s delicate little pussy and was massaging her g spot as she lapped at her with long licks that alternated between her tiny rosebud anus and her clitoris.

“Ooooh!” Ally wriggled around the bed, her . . . 

Get this today and start the weekend with a bang.

Jim Masters

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