Sunday 12 November 2017

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Glorious "Gloria". 

He coveted his neighbour's wife

When she stays the night, he finally has a chance to try it on with her!

Gloria was a handsome middle-aged woman and my wife’s best friend. Happily married and our neighbour for years. She had something about her that made me instantly horny but all I had ever had was a peck on the lips and a cheeky smile. Then she moved out and a week later came to stay with her husband. She drank a bit too much and went to bed, as did my wife. Then her husband tried my Scotch and passed out. I was drunk, what was I to do??

˃˃˃ Extract:.

Common sense told me to go to bed but I couldn’t help myself. Stealing across to the bed, I gently stroked her soft cheek with the back of my hand and her mew turned almost to a miaow, as she subconsciously pushed her face into me. I looked down at her body and saw the nighty had risen even higher. The dark crevice between her legs was now just visible. My hand now had a life of its own. Reaching down, I ran my palm down the soft material on her back and stopped with my hand lightly resting in that forbidden place. She felt warm, soft and vibrant under my touch and I could hear her breathing rate had notably increased.

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