Friday, 28 July 2017

China Doll for the Day and the Daughter TOO

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In for a treat today. 

Just published the audio book follow up to China Doll for a Day, which I reviewed just last week. Same style and treatment without much in the way of literature foreplay but straight into the action. A scorcher from the first couple of lines.

You may recall how Vic Jessica was due home from work and the time for her arrival was getting dangerously close. There was really no time for a blowjob, but the kid insisted. Vic told Tara exactly that, but she wouldn’t listen. She said they had plenty of time and not to worry. Jessica was always late anyway. That’s what she said as his cock slid into her mouth and she started licking and sucking and sucking and licking. It was good,
damn good! So good, they forgot all about Jessica.

This audiobook is already selling well, with followers of Vic Vitale grabbing up copies from the day it was released. 

The story is fast moving and no word is wasted. Another cracking good story that will stir your desires.

Whether your choice is the older, more mature woman or young chick you will get your kicks here.

Good luck. Here's til we meet again.

Jim Masters

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