Friday, 23 March 2018

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This Sunday only, 25th March, you can pick up Artist Alfie Trains his Young Model for FREE. Normally £2.99.  

Alfie is an artist and is approached by Jenny who wants a portrait painted for her mother. When Alfie tells her his usual fee she realises she just can't afford it. Eventually she agrees to do some photographic modelling for Alfie and one thing leads to another. This short story will waken your inner sexuality. It is hot and steamy. 

Here is an excerpt to whet your appetite.

As Jenny looked at the new shots Alfie stood behind her and as he leant over to move each shot on his wrist and arm touched her, and he manipulated it so he brushed against her tits. She didn’t do or say anything. Alfie pulled his arm back and soon his fingers were now against her and as his fingers crept forward they cupped and took a silky soft firm breast. He could hear Jenny take a loud breath but she didn’t complain.

Alfie leaned forward so his lips were against her ear. “You like this? You look like a goddess in those photos. You should be so proud of your body. The best model I’ve ever had in the studio.” He whispered, bringing his other hand around her to fondle the other breast.

“Am I doing OK?” she asked. “No man has ever seen me like this before”

“How old are you Jenny”

“I’m nineteen in a month Mr Alfie”

“And no-one has seen you like this? What about your boyfriend?”

She shook her head. “I haven’t got a boyfriend. I don’t know why but it’s never happened. Some guys I really fancy but nothing happens. I was beginning to thing I was ugly or there is something wrong with me”

Alfie nuzzled his lips into her neck and kissed her lightly. He ran his finger down over her flat belly, lower . . . . . read on. Order this whilst it is free. 

Just available for FREE on 25th March so make a note. Pick it up and enjoy. Click on the image below

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