Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Ready For Training NEW BOOK for your enjoyment

   Another great story from the Erotic Story Queen herself, C J Edwards. Launched just today. And like most of her stories, short enough to enjoy at one sitting if you have half an hour to put on those headphones, sit back, relax and enjoy, preferably in the privacy of bed
alone or with a partner.   
   Losing your cherry to a Dom is only going to go one way! It was supposed to be a one-off to ensure her first time was enjoyable but there was no way Carrie could move on to boys after experiencing her step mum's boyfriend, Nick! But Nick didn't really want to. It wasn't that he didn't fancy the cute as hell 18 YO but he'd promised her stepmother! He also didn't believe she was ready. At 18 and a virgin only yesterday, how could she possibly be mature or strong enough to be a submissive? And how could such a kind man be cruel?
   This story will have your mind working overtime as you ride along and savour the sensations that Carrie experiences along the way.
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   This was another joy to narrate and your comments here are welcome. Listen to the audiobook and your comments on the sellers webpage will be appreciated too.


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Good listening. Watch for the next new audio book to enjoy

Jim Masters

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